Wednesday, February 02, 2005

18 November 04

A: I have to get going.
W: where are you going?
A: I'm going out with my daughter-in-law.
W: Are you going shopping?
A: NO that is something we are not going to do.
W: I don't know

13 November 04
A: Well, I know where the Church is.
J: Where is it?
A: Directly North.
J: What kind of church is it?
A: It is a Baptist Church.

J: Did you go to church when you were young?
A: I went every Sunday
My mother was living them

J: is your mother living now?
A: No.

A: That is the first time I have noticed that statue there.

A: One week since whoever was occupying this building was here.

A: You know they have to have new houses or else it's goanna be cold.

A: How is the bridge in the back of the house?

A: I wonder if we have a candle in the house?

A: A girl like you.

A: I'd like to get ham or something like that.
boiled eggs or ……
I asked this man upstairs if we were getting vegetable for dinner & I think he said not necessarily so.

I'd like to think I have wings of an angel. (we hugh)

5 minutes after Ana wrote her letter to Elena she asked me to write Jana,

"Please keep in touch with me. I am anxious to get to know you better."

A: I need to get home so that my wife won't fuss at me.

11November 04

Ana did not seem to want to finish Breakfast

W: Ana, are you finished with breakfast?
A: What are you going to do wit it?
W: I can throw it away or save it.
A: Let's give it to the janitor.
W: Where is he?
A: Downstairs.
W: Have you ever done that before?
A: Yes
W: And what did he do?
A: He ate it.

8 November 04
A: I used to take the mover there in a group
W: Where?
A: On Rampart Street
W: For what?
A: For exercise.

A: I think he is leaving
W: Who?
A: Uncle Frank---------------------------------------
W: where is he going?
no reply

4 November 04

A: I think I am losing my mind?
J: what does is feel like?
A: It is a dark fabric in my mind.
J: Is it heavy or light?
A: Light........Heaven...

Ana & Elena Chicago 1937
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later in the afternoon
A: Where is my sister? Elena?

3 November 04

Mrs. Ana had a good day & was not as confused as she is sometimes.
She asked to get a hair cut.

2 N0vember 04

Mrs. Ana was confused about wanting to go home, so we went down stairs & outside for a minute, because it was raining, which seemed to satisfy her. She wrote Jana a note.
we sang at he music station.

1 November 04
A: Clem did you pick up my stole?………………..
W: No, where is it?
A: You know, when we were out.
W: Where did we go?
no reply

We are at the mall

A: I need to go home right away!
W. OK But, what 's the hurry?
A: I have to go home & pack.
W: Where are you going?
A: To Europe.
W: Who’s going with you?
no reply

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