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A: His English is fairly good.
W: Whose?
A: Your husband’s.
W: You know my husband?
A: Yes.
W: From where?
(No reply)

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Ana is sitting with me at the dining room table, and said to Albert Ramond, “I hired that brunette sitting there”. She later said to me, ‘My mother is a red head.” I asked her what color her hair was, and she stated, “I don’t know.” (Joyce)

Ana & Elena Chicago 1937
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(Ana is asking for her sister Elena)
R: Would you like to write her a letter?

A: Mother?
R: What was her name?
A: Corina

A: It seems very shamefacedly that we don’t get together
(Ana is hugging Jana)
A: I’m thinking of all the babies that went through my hand.
A: Can you take me home?
F: How many nieces & nephews?
A: Too many.

Carmen 1920's
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A: My sister Carmen?
R: Would you like to write her a letter?
A: Yes

(Ana & Jana are snuggled in bed)
A: Jana, I need some outside connections.
A: Can I get some of this at home?
A: All her letters are gonna be silver.

CA: You can close your eyes and have a snooze.
A: what’s a snooze?
CA: A cat nap
A: Are you taking care of the problem with the blue lining or should I speak to the man?
CA: Jana is on her way here and will take care of all that.
A: Okay.
A: Is that Joy at the door?

A: Clem, can you check ad see what’s wrong with my vision?
W: What’s the matter Ana?
A: (No reply)
W: Is something wrong with your vision?
A: Yes.
W: Can you tell me what?
A: (No reply)

A: I visited the graveyard
A: He was coming after me.
J: Can they catch you Ana?
A: Yes.

A: You know what God, please mother, what is that on the wall?
F: That is a picture with Mrs. Ana
A: Clem, honey, please help me.

A: You see that glass over there, it is very expensive! (Ana pointing into the air)
W: Really? Where did it come from?
A: It came from Europe
W: Who bought it?
A: I really don’t know.

(While Ana sleeps she asks for Clem)

A: That’s a good way to make money.
W: What is?
A: A hug and a kiss.
W: You think so? (I’m laughing)
A: Yes (She’s smiling)

A: I think he’s coming to talk to you.
W: Who is?
A: Clem.
W: What is he going to talk to me about?
A: I don’t really know!
A: What is this?
W: It’s a table cloth. How do you say that in Spanish?
A: Como se dice en espanol?
W: Si.
A: The vine.
W: The vine on the table?
A: Si!

A: Clem are you cold?
F: I’m not Clem.
A: I’m so used to Clem taking care of me, that I want you to live to be 100 years old.

A: I used to go to this school here, the one we just passed.
W: And, did you like it?
A: No!
W: Why didn’t you like it?
A: I just didn’t!
W: Ana, I’m just trying to help you like I always do (Helping her with her lunch)
A: Yes, and it’s getting more and more difficult every day.
W: For you, or for me?
A: For me!

A: Who is this cute little girl?
J: I hope I am!
(Ana gets out of bed)
J: Can I get you something?
A: I was thinking that we need coffee.
A: Joy?
Ana sings, “If I had the wings of an Angel.” She stops and says:
A: Does that sound like singing?
J: Yes, congratulations!

W: Ana, you look so pretty with your curly hair!
A: What about Jana’s curly hair?
W: Jana doesn’t have curly hair, does she?
A: Yes.
W: Who does she get it from, you or Jasper?
A: From Jasper.

J: Is music a good thing or a bad thing?
A: A good thing.
J: How does music make you feel?
A: Good.
A: Who are you?
J: I’m Joni.

(Ana writes a letter for 5 minutes without re-direction)
A: Honey, can you check the spelling?
A: This year was the first year I realized my equipment was not as good as it was the year before.
J: On a scale of one to ten, would you say your life is exciting, or boring?
A: It could be duller

A: Who is in that empty arm chair?
J: That’s where Al usually sits.
A: I saw him at the airport.
J: How did he look?
A: Good (emphatically)

(Ana & Jana are listening to a CD, while Ana thumbs through the sheet music)
(Out on the Patio)
A: Oh lord God, help me. I have my sister Carmen and my sick mother.

Adeline Edwards at Thelma's pond
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Ana sat up and said, “Adaline?”

A: This is the man who was supposed to have been there!”
W: How are you feeling Ana?
A: I don’t feel to good honey.

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