Tuesday, December 02, 2003

We went to go ride the train at lakeside mall.
Ana's bottom didn't fit.

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Santa had been waving and flirting with Ana so I thought we could get our picture taken with Santa. Ana wanted to sit on his lap which made both of them happy. Afterwards we were resting on a bench. Ana turned to a woman passing by and said, "Do you know what it's like to sit on Santa's lap?" The lady laughed.

We were walking and singing "Away in a Manger". Ana sang-"The little Lord Jesus lay down his GREEN head". HA HA

Keke & Ana& Albert
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She talked about her cousin and brother always fighting for her, always sticking up for her.

We were walking outside and a woman was trying to keep her dog from barking. Ana said why don't you cut his neck off? The lady didn't think it was as funny as I did.

Ana said, "Who's that?" I asked "where" and she said "behind you". I said we were the only ones there and she smacked me in the stomach. i jumped back and asked what she was doing and she said she was trying to make me stop. I asked her to never do that again. Geez.

We were using the cards in Spanish/English/Portuguese, having Ana translate from Spanish to English. We were counting and she asked how to count in French. Neither of us knew and Ana said-"Well aren't we a couple of howdy doody's.

Ana seems more confused today.
-repeatedly using the toilet
-trying to drink from jana's pitcher
-couldn't remember the difference between Jasper and Klem, even when I asked who Jana's father was.

We were using the Portuguese/Spanish/English cards and Ana asked, "How do I say sex in Portuguese?" I said, "sexo." She thought that was funny.

Then she said "que es esto?", pointing to the tea. I said, "tea." She said, "why don't you say it right-te!"

Ana and I tried to make up a song on a rainy day.
"Rainy days are here again"
"Rain sounds like rain on my rooftop"

As we were trying to write the blues song, i was helping Ana try to think of lyrics. I was quiet while I was thinking and Ana said, "what are you doing?". I said, "thinking." She said, "is that the funny noise I hear?"

I turned my back for one second and Ana took a swig of soy sauce.
She needs more supervision lately.

Ana said, "People are more important than things....if you need me, you just call me."

Ana was expelling gas and she accidently did it in time to the music I was playing. It was pretty funny.

I asked Ana, "Did your mother name you Amelia after a relative?" She answered, "She named me after I named me." I said, "You named yourself?" We laughed.

Ana said she wanted to contact Klem. I asked her if she knew the number and she said 524-6438

I asked Ana if she knew any jokes and she said no. I asked if she knew any dirty jokes and she said, "telling dirty jokes is serious business-it's an art.

Ana was laying down and she said, "I'm in love with you honey, say you love me too."

She looked at me and said "sweetie, you hear I'm calling you sweetie, I want a good time to be had by you."

Ana is very lucid today and alert. She will remember things mentioned earlier in a conversation, then repeat it later so I could see she remembered. For example,
I asked if she'd ever had a face lift. She looked a tad confused but answered no. She got up from the sofa and was walking around for about 5 min.. I asked her what she was thinking about and she answered, "I'm trying to figure out what face lift means."

Ana & Corina 1935
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I told Ana she was funny and asked if her mother had a sense of humor. She said, "By the time I grew up, if she had had one, she lost it."

I said, "Ana, lunch is almost ready." She thought I said, "Why don't we call you Shorty?"

"Some women aren't dressed until they have nail polish on." (Ana said that while I did her nails)

We were walking and singing "Che sera sera", with our own lyrics:
"Her name is Ana Napolie
and she lives in Metairie
I think she's pretty
maybe she's rich
here's what she said to me"

(then Ana changed it to)
"Her name is Ana Napoli
and she lives in Metairie
I think she's pretty
maybe she's NOT"
(we laughed)
Then when I corrected her and said "maybe she's rich", she thought I said "maybe she's a bitch"

Ana said, "Women were always stronger than men"

I said, "Ana tell me what to do" (reverse psychology), and she said, "THAT'S what I should be doing."

We're walking and Ana is matching up the bottom of her shirt and says, "look!" I look and say, "that's like, the bottom of your shirt." She says, "it's not LIKE the bottom of my shirt, it IS the bottom of my shirt."

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Ana says she wants to get a hold of Brecker in Chicago because she wants to start working again. She says he will create a position for her, all she has to do is say when.

Ana and I are doing the dishes. I start whistling and she says, "I thought there was a man here!"

Ana and I were on the balcony while I painted her nails. She said, "you are experiencing something that very few young people will experience, and I'm aware that I'm providing it for you."

While we were walking Ana was talking about what it's like to be in different countries. In some she said she enjoyed it, but in others she didn't give a CONTINENTAL DAMN! Funny.

Today Ana is very philosophical and lucid, talking a lot.

Ana is acting strangely. After visiting Nina and Virginia she said she was tired, but she couldn't sit still. She seemed nervous and agitated. She asked if I could cut her wrists, and I asked her what she meant by that. She didn't answer then asked if I could take her to a large body of water so she could jump in it.
We sat down for dinner and half way through she got up and said she was done and she wasn't hungry. I asked if she wanted something different and she said no. She was very worried I was going to leave.

Ana was pulling the blankets back to get in bed. She pulled them all the down to the end of the bed and said, "I must think I'm a giant."

After Ana passed gas I said, I heard that. She said she was expressing herself.

After our nap Ana was out on the balcony trying to put a book over her foot. I asked why she was doing that but she didn't know. She seemed very disoriented and distracted. Taking her shoes off and on, buttoning and unbuttoning her shirt.

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Ana and I talk about making choices in life. She tells me about growing up without a father. She says that she respected her brother Ramon so much. And that she had to have her her brothers opinion before she gave her mother cooperation. I asked her if her sisters listened to her brother the same way she did. She said that if they didn't they'd hear a big noise outta Ana.

I go use the bathroom. I come out and don't see Ana- she's out the front door at the elevator.

Ana said, "A song with a soft melody is easily picked up by a stranger."

(Outting with Virginia and Vivian)-
On Friday we went to foodies. While we were deciding what to get i asked Ana, "Do you want this salad or that one?" She turned to a very tall man behind us and said, "I want this one!" We all laughed.
We went to the mall afterwards and walked around. Ana was a little tired cause she had walked earlier with Flonnie. We had fun talking and looking around.

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I was asking about her mother before she died. I asked if she began to forget things. Then i asked if she ever got angry. She said, "of course!, whoever heard of a latina that didn't get angry!"

While we were doing the dishes Ana bangs the counter with her plate. She said, "Another lick like that and I'm gonna be gone!"

Ana and i were talking about her husbands.

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I asked about her first husband and she said he died. I asked how he died and she said she beat the hell outta him! It cracked me up.

Ana asked me what to do when she was gonna dry the dishes. I said, "you didn't forget how to dry the dishes did you?" She didn't laugh so I said, "Ana, I'm teasing you". Then she said, "honey, you could pull my leg and I wouldn't know the difference".

Ana sang "I got plenty o' nothin', plenty's nothin for me."

Ana sang "in my Attitude" instead of "in my solitude"

Funny thing...Ana lifts her arm and says, "This is an arm, just in case you didn't notice". I laughed and she pulled up her sleeve and struck a tough guy pose! I died laughing.

Ana is upset. She strips. We go pick out another pair of pants. She picks up a shoe and throws it. I say, "do you want me to help you put that away?" She says, "go chuck it out the window, and seems obviously frustrated.
I ask if she needs help. She says she doesn't want anyone's help. She left seeming confused and agitated. We sang a little then I asked what she was thinking about. She said she was trying to remember how far back in her memories she started to forget. Then she said, "help me remember not to remember". She smiled and said it's hard.

Ana sang five foot two eyes of blue, oh what those five eyes could do.
At the table I asked if she wanted more water and she said, "I'm straight".

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