Saturday, October 30, 2004

Oct. 30, 2004

Albert Ramon
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A-Finally, he talked Jana into seeing Seth.
J-Who is Seth?
A-(no answer)
J-When did you meet Seth?
A-I think Jana made bread.
J-Did you have any children?
A-A few.
J-What were their names?
A-Bernice, Elena, Albert Ramon.

Oct. 23, 2004
A-I found out where the safe was years ago.
J-Where was it?
A-It was over there behind the...
(Ana initiates the next phrase)
A-What would happen if I held my hand out like that and you were coming?
J-I guess I would grab it?

Ana & Jake at 1st Harrison Drug Store

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Wednesday 13 October 2004
Jana's notes:

I was sitting on the sofa in her living room when dusk pressed Ana, as every evening, to ask to go home. In a soft voice, she asked me if I thought daddy was coming home soon. Since her father died of TB before she was 3 in Cuba, the only daddy in her life was Jake, my father.

She has never asked me for him before.

Oct. 2, 2004
Ana was sleeping next to me on the sofa. She woke up suddenly and grabbed my hand, holding it to

Sep. 25, 2004
J-Ana, my sister had a baby yesterday.
A-I want to buy something for the baby.
J-What do you want to buy?
A-A night cap.
her ear and said, "HELLO? Are you ready to go?" She held it there for some time. God bless her.
Singing "Oh What a Beautiful Morning"
Ana sang- the corn is as high as Mexican's eye, instead of elephant's eye.

Ana seems significantly more confused this morning when she woke up, but by mid-morning, after singing together, she was smiling and attentive to her surroundings. She played the drum while I played guitar, and we both sang. She held a very steady beat (quarter and eighth notes consistently).
J-Ana, what do you think about men?
A-They're full of bull.
Ana picked up a magazine and looked through it (independent behavior)
As I'm helping Ana into her bed, I tell her what we had for lunch.
J-Ana, we had shishkabobs for lunch.
A-Oh YES, that's right.
(very cute)

Sep. 20, 04
A-What's this? (pulling on her necklace) It's biting me.
A-I hear it's raining.
(Ana was talking in her sleep.)
A-Is it cold outside?
A-What about the game?
J-What game?
A-Basketball game....., they're playing to come home.
I reached for Ana's water glass, fearing she would drop it. She kept moving it away from me as I reached, and she pulled the thumb of my other hand backwards and said, "I hate to tell you, honey, but you can't drink it." Ana has quite a grip. I was shocked at her aggressive behavior. She didn't verbalize any recognition of what happened, but her behavior exibited signs of recognition. For example, she acknowledged me writing this down while standing in the kitchen and then walked past me without making any physical contact. Usually, when Ana walks by, she touches ANYONE and EVERYONE she passes.

Sep. 18, 2004
I think that Ana had a stoke some time in the afternoon. After lunch she struggled unusually long to find her balance and then went right to sleep for 3 hours. When she awoke, she was extremly confused. I asked her to put her shoe on her foot, and she repeatedly put it on her head. I asked her to put her arms over her head which she did. I asked her what her name was, and she said Elena. I told her Elena was her sister, and she said her name was Jana. After numerous verbal prompts, she was unable to remember her name.

Sep. 17, 2004
Ana was talking in her sleep saying, "God in heaven......" She was also humming a melody. She was whimpering for a while as if sad or afraid.
After knocking Don Quixote with her glass, Ana says, "You wanna go talk to somebody to see if it's gonna crack?"

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