Saturday, August 28, 2004

A-Who's that?
J-It's Joni.
A-I always did appreciate a visit.
Ana says, "How is the bead?"
Ana is grasping something invisible.
When she goes back to bed, she says she's cold and shakes her arms sporadically, almost uncontrollably.
Ana says, "If there's cake here, I'm gonna eat it."
J-Why don't you sit down right here.
A-Why don't I eat some chrysanthamums?

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J-Did you ever ride horse?
A-I was a horseback rider.
J-Who taught you how to ride?
A-I don't remember.
J-How old were you?
A-Pretty young when you think of how old I am now!

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(Ana and I are talking about her brother Ramon. She says he was older, and that they were pretty close).
J-Do you believe in angels?
A-Yes, do you?

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(Ana asks for Klem).
J-How long were you married to Klem?
A-Quite a few years, long enough to have known better.
J-What was Jana like when she was young?
A-Jana was always as sharp as a tack.
J-Just like her mom?
Ana says, "Lord God, please help me. I don't know anything about what I'm doing.
Ana sings by herself, "Que sera sera, whatever will be, will be, will be.....
Ana waves to the statue of Don Quixote on the table while she eats lunch.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Ana is very alert and talkative today. Yesterday, she was very unreponsive and lethargic. Ana and Joni's conversation on the balcony:

A & Pepe rowing H2
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A- My uncle Pepe came by.
J- What did he say?
A- He didn't know what in the hell was going on!
J- What did you tell him?
A- I can't remember.
J- Where was he from?
A- Pepe's from Spain I think.
J- What was he like?
A- He was nice looking and pleasant.
J- Did you know him well?
A- No.

I tell Ana that I love her. Ana asks, "Do you think God is here?, I say, "Yes".
I ask Ana, "Do you think God is here?"
She says, "I think so."
I ask, "How do you know?"
She begins, "I look at....." (She doesn't finish her sentence).

I ask, "Would you like a pillow?" Ana asks, "A turnip?"

Jana says, (referring to me, Joni), "What a nice girl." Ana says, "It's hard to believe she could come out of an American House."

(Dancing at Jefferson Orleans)
A man walks by. Ana asks,"Where are you coming from? The moon?"

In a night of restless sleep with Joyce, Ana was up and down. Joyce asked, "Ana, is there anything I can get you?" Ana said, "I'd like a ham sandwich. "
Joyce said, "I'm sorry, Miss Ana, I don't have a ham sandwich." Ana replied, "Then I don't want anything."

We're all in the car-Al, Ana and I. Al starts singing a song which Ana joins in singing, not knowing that the other knows the same song.

Ana says after breakfast, "Please, Lord God help me. I need helping hands to get to my hometown."

Ana gives her usual toast--"Salud, dinero y amor y tiempo para gastar los." She pauses then translates "Time to use it up!" (Her usual translation is time to enjoy it).

Ana and Joni's conversation:
Ana-I wish I didn't carry germs around.
Joni-How do you know you have germs?
Ana-I went to the neurologist.
Joni-What did he say?
Ana-He said "I'm gonna make a friend out of a mere acquaintance."
Joni-That's good!
Ana-I won't have to exert myself

(more conversation as Ana asks) "What's this?", "Your water." "My drinking water?" "Yes." "So you don't take to liquor?"

Ana sings "Pennies from Heaven."

Ana says:
All my life I didn't feel safe because I didn't have a father. I went to a special uncle and I don't care what I explained, he understood it.

I ask, "What are you thinking about?" Ana replies, "I'm wondering what in the hell I'm thinking about".

Walking with Ana she says, "Wait; let's sit down (very alert today). Then she says, "Let's get going home."

Ana & Ramon canoeing
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Ana and I talk about making choices in life. She tells me about growing up without a father. She says that she respected her brother Ramon so much. And that she had to have her brothers opinion before she gave her mother cooperation. I asked her if her sisters listened to her brother the same way she did. She said that if they didn't, they'd hear a big noise outta Ana.

Ana says, "How often in your life do you have someone grab you by the crotch?" I laugh hard. Ana says, "You sound you like you've done it before!"

I asked Ana if she wanted to help me do the dishes. She didn't say anything. I asked, "Is that a yes or a no?" She said. "NO!"

Ana is singing in her sleep--"Deep in the heart of me." (from "I've Got You Under My Skin")

I ask Ana, "Do you know any jokes?" She replies, "I don't need yolks!"

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We walk into Shoguns Resturant, and a tall, good-looking man opens the door and says, "How are you?"
Ana gives her infamous reply, "Doing everybody I can."
He replies, "I'll be first!" and kisses her on the cheek.
Ana says, "I wonder what Jasper and Clem would say about that?"

Ana and I are singing on the balcony and she gets up to leave. I teasingly say, "You're walking out on me? I'm gonna cry!"
She says, "That's not gonna help anything."

Ana asked, "Where are we going?" I said "Home." She said, "We're lucky to have a home."

We were singing "Put your arms around me honey." She said, "When I look at you my heart begins to CROAK", (instead of FLOAT).

Walking with Ana and she puts her hands down my pants (surprise!). I say "Ana, if you put your hands down my pants people will think you're fresh!"
Ana replies, "Guess what-I am!" I died laughing.

Ana sang "Put Your Arms Around Me Honey". She sang "...then I started rocking like an ARTICHOKE", instead of MOTORBOAT.

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